Monday, May 31, 2010

Love Line

Today i talked to Dr. Drew on love line, along with some guys that i had never heard of.

i WANTED to say: "i'm really confused sexually right now, i need some resources or help-lines or something"

i said: "i think im addicted to masturbation"



so i got chewed out on live radio by some stranger for not telling my boyfriend that i want to use the vibe in the sack, and i didnt even say what i was calling about.

and i used a fake name.

GOD i'm such a pussy sometimes!!

mood: bad.


my boyfriend was being really annoying tonight.

usually this doesnt bother me, i just play along and say "yes dear, you have the penis so you must be right"

but tonight i seriously wanted to scream at him.

this is NOT pms, i just got over that.

this is just general pissy-ness for no reason at all.

(the worst kind)

so tonight i go to bed tired, feeling sick, annoyed at my boyfriend, and angry at myself.


mood: "why don't i just drive off a bridge already? oh yeah, the water would be reeeeeally cold." >.< too lazy for action.

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