Friday, May 28, 2010

girls, girls, GIRLS

toxic, intoxicating,

exotic, infuriating,

chaotic, erotic,

hypnotic, neurotic,


i'll be the FIRST to admit it,

girls are f*cking INSANE.

but GOD

are they pretty.

i am simply obsessed.

its getting a little out of hand, i gotta confess.

(fuck why am i rhyming EVERYTHING? i just wanted the first part to sound poetic)

i found out the other day that my best friend (soon to be married and lost forever)

her little sister is actually a hooker.

not in the sense that girls call other girls "whore" or "slut" or "ho"

in the she-actually-charges-for-sex-and-naked-pics kind of way.

so naturally,

my friend is DISTRAUGHT.

and her parents are totally shooting the messenger,

(my friend)

and she is in a very bad place at the moment.

now i have always held to the opinion that her sister is her own person,

and as stupid as she can be,

she makes her decisions and does what she does.

and hey, she dresses like a hooker.

(full on thong hanging out of miniskirt, black bra under white lace shirt, etc, sexy stuff really)

and she looks hot

so its socially acceptable.

and her parents just sort of accept it.

im NEVER having kids.

a guy i know, he and his GF are having a preggo scare.

they're 16 and 17.

bad news bears.

poor girl.

poor kid.

she'll probably abort it,

and i dont know how i feel about that.

i would do the same thing in her place,

but when it's her,

when it's poor, young, (mostly) innocent *sam?

i just want to make it so it never happened.

i want to help her

but i dont know how.

it's very frustrating.

and at the moment,

at this very second,

i love her

and her potential child

and if she asked me to,

i would raise it.

and i HATE kids.

but at this moment,

in this life,

this 3:00-a.m.-secret-blogging-on-my-couch life,

i almost WANT to adopt her potential child.

i do want to.

i don't know why,

and i sure as hell don't know HOW,

but i do.

*all names have been changed for privacy

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