Sunday, May 16, 2010

orgasms, exercise, and the girl of my dreams.

my boyfriend is getting fat.

not just chunky, chunky was six months ago and i didnt mind that

except that it made his sex drive plummet.

as gay as i am, i still need orgasms.

but now,


he has man titties.

I have done EVEYTHING


short of "when are you gonna start working out you fat-ass?"

to encourage him to exercise.

I have started exercising,

which is awesome and gives me tons more energy during the day, btw.

and he is still just... lazy.

I have starting REALLY eating right,

not just dieting.

and he still drinks two sodas a day and eats a shit ton of junk food, and then just feels gross.

gross = no use to me.

i do NOT know what to do about this.

well that, and the fact that i met this girl.

actually, i ran into her, i already knew her from a few years back.


she is the embodiment of everything i hate,

(drama, parties, potheads, jealousy, immaturity, etc)

wrapped up in something i can't help being hopelessly in like with.

(tattooed, pierced, the-coolest-hair-i've-ever-seen, smokin' hot, antisocial, deep thinking, bitch.)

sweet JE-sus i want her.


she HAS a gf.

aaaaaaaand she thinks im straight.

in other news:

i have been having really troubling dreams lately.

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