Saturday, October 23, 2010

poetry night

at poetry night, i read two pieces. this is one:

Ten simple things i wish i'd said better:

10. I want you

9. I need you

8. I love you

7. It's fine

6. I'm fine

5. I'll survive

4. I don't know

3. I'm sorry

2. I hate you

1. Just go.

After poetry night, my best friend and i went to the store and bought:


and pita chips.

our conversation went something like this:
me: "you do realize what we've become, right?"

him: "... what?"

me: "we just became WRITERS. we bought hummus and pita chips after going to poetry night."

him: "oh shit. now i'm gonna go home and put on a really cheesy comedy just to balance it out."

me: "oh, i was hoping you'd come over and finish the prestige with me and then we can watch some really artistic movie and discuss it in hushed tones over our hummus."

him: "that sounds awesome" *smile*

i desperately wish i was attracted to this man sometimes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

girl adventures:

"i totally like you in a gay way"

that is all