Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a story.

(i think in blurbs, which is why everything is so spaced out. i like to see my thoughts as they come, not all squished together as if they are all one big idea)

i am getting into comics lately.

mostly cuz i picked one up and just saw TONS of half-naked chicks fighting crime.

which i do not mind seeing.

im very particular about the artwork though,

i like beautiful drawings of MOSTLY proportionate (if a little ridiculous) girls who wear normal clothes and do normal stuff, but turn out to be totally bad-ass.


thats not the point.

the story is this:

my boyfriend went to get me a comic for "free comic book day" and i told him i wanted one with a badass chick protagonist.

so he brings me Catwoman.

not exactly what i was expecting, but hey.

later i found out that he brought me Catwoman, because the first one that was recommended to him looked really cool and hot, and then he saw that it was about lesbians.

apparently the guy at the store told him that it would make any girl go gay.

and he doesnt want "those ideas" getting into my head

(okay im about half-way through the spell check and i cant decide whether to correct everything - all the punctuation and slang - or leave it raw... just a thought.)

he knows that i've experimented in the past,

but i have him pretty convinced that his penis is god.

which was a technique i learned a long time ago about dealing with boys; (dont take that wrong, i've only had sex with two people in my life) make the guy think that he is THE SHIT at whatever it is that he does, and he will never leave you.

an easy way to get through relationships, up till now.

cuz he is never gonna leave me.


he's one of those guys who certainly won't propose right away, but once he has his mind set it's set for good.

his mind has been set on me since day one. its not bragging, its just what happened with him. i figured he was a nice quiet guy that my family would like, and we would be nicely inconspicuous.

but now im a little bit stuck. he wont leave me, so i'd have to leave him. but i cant leave him cuz im a wuss-puss.

so im 19 and i've got a ball and chain??

wtf's up with that?


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