Wednesday, June 9, 2010

lesbian blogs, work, and moving in together??

im a little anxious to get to the third thing on my list there, so i miiiiight rush through the first two.

lesbian blogs:

i looked up lesbian blogs on google today.

i read a lot of them,

and i liked approximately 3.5 of them.

so if you're reading this because i commented on your blog, wooooooooot. feel special.

no one in the entire world has read this that i can tell, which is sort of fine with me because i like privacy.

i know what youre thinking (you imaginary readers you)

"why the hell would you start a blog if you like privacy? and more importantly when you are, in fact, borderline violently-opposed to the internet?"

you know me so well ;)

because i feel like since no one knows this identity i have made for myself, there's no risk to my real-life privacy.


too much and too little all at once.

and my boss's husband is a DICK.

its like he TRIES to live up to every negative stereotype about men.

and he hits on me when his wife isnt around.

which makes me want to kill myself.

(not in the "call a doctor cuz i'll be bleeding out before you finish dialing" way, in the "god relationships are so pointless if they all end up like this" kind of way.)


my boyfriend is getting his own place.

and he asked me to move in with him.


due to our busy schedules,

our late-night/early-morning routines,

and our families,

(aaaaand the fact that im not really attracted to him sexually)

we almost never have sex.

i think if we moved in together, he would expect that to change.

now, when i say we almost never have sex, i mean almost never by MY standards.

which means we do it twice a week or so, and he gets his hands in my panties at least every day.

i was diagnosed with hypersexuality, its not my fault.

but i seriously need to orgasm like 8-10 times a day.

now since most of this is by myself with my handy vibe and lap top full of steamy love scenes and porn,

its all good.

but if we move in together, i am pretty sure my big purple penis-shaped vibe would NOT get to share our bed. (the penis-shaped part is because its hard to find one that meets my specifacations that ISNT big and penis shaped. and the whole "having another penis in bed, AND it can vibrate" thing doesnt sit well with my boyfriend)


naturally i am worried.

"well then say no"

you would say.

if you read this


and i would say no,


and 150 a month is a sweet deal no matter who you are.

and hey,

maybe it'll just work out?

besides, he really needs to move out.

24 and living at home is just kinda sad.

im only 19 and i've moved out three times already.


of course, im back now,

but thats because some unavoidable things happened with my parents, then with my roomates, then with my parents again, then again with the guy i was shacked up with, and then my other roomate, etc.

so moving out has not been lucky for me.

but this place looks really promising, and he and i already talked about how we would still like our privacy every once in a while, and its not even a done deal yet, so im not gonna worry too hard for another couple of weeks.

whats more important to me now is getting car insurance.

guess what?

after all that hype,

geico is cheapest.

and no, they do not pay me to say that.

cuz like i said,

no one reads this anyways.

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