Monday, June 28, 2010

world of warcraft.

so i dated someone who was seriously into WoW.

as in, it would be his career if it could be.

now, during our time together

he made it VERY clear that he was just with me till a better offer came along.

and that wow was way more important than "us"


naturally this meant two things

1) he's a dick.

and 2) our relationship was purely for sexual gratification.

so a few months later, i dumped his sorry boring ass cuz i was completely SICK of feeling like a piece of furniture.

a year plus later, and he still thinks he's in love with me.

he is wrong.

his true love will always be wow.

today, i was texing him out of boredom

he said he could only text me occasionally cuz he was raiding

so i said that occasionally meant i couldnt rely on him for a steady stream of entertainment.

he says "come watch?"

aaaah just like the good old days.


so i said "no thanks, im content sitting in a restaurant by myself"

what i wanted to say was:

"i'd rather die alone than spend one more second of my life being ignored for a stupid computer game. fortunately for me i'm pretty enough to never be alone, so fuck you loser."

that or

"oh just like the good old days... oh wait i dumped you for that."

im too fucking nice sometimes.

i really wish i HAD said that.

ah well

thats life i suppose.

mood: depressed.

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