Saturday, June 19, 2010

ke$ha, wild streak, and my baby sister

so apparently i have a bit of a wild streak lately.

cuz i hear ke$ha's (her music is a guilty pleasure) stupid songs about waking up still drunk from the night before,

and partying

and dancing

and telling guys to shut up cuz "im in love with this song"

and im just like

goddammit i wish i was her.

(for her party life, not her career. i usually like my career)


my little sister

my BABY sister

(okay she's 14 or something)

was singing "tik tok"

and dancing to it...

i wanted to slit my wrists right there.

im like



ke$ha is a sexy bitch.

im definitely a (secret) fan and i have nothing against her personally, musically, artistically, or whatever.

but GOD.

i never want to hear her lyrics come out of my little sister's mouth again.

cuz that just makes me feel awful for even liking Ke$ha in the first place.


in other news, my ex has been talking to me.

we manage to be very civil

which is shocking.

cuz we are the two most bitter people on the planet.

i think we might actually enjoy talking to each other...

not really sure though.

cuz i only want to talk to him when my boyfriend isnt talking to me.

i am a terrible person probably.

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