Friday, June 11, 2010

"do YOU have pride?"

that's the title of the email i received today from my friendly neighborhood planned parenthood clinic.


(the whole CLOSET lesbian thing comes into play here)


it gets worse.

of course the famous pride parades of Seattle and Olympia are coming up in a few short weeks.

the email went on to explain that i could,

if i so desired,

partake in a "pride parade planning party"

and meet fellow LGQTB's like myself

so I'm left wondering

(first of, how does my doctor know about this?)

but mostly, what would it feel like to go to one of these parades?

and maybe meet a nice girl

with awesome hair

who totally understands me

and we could lay in bed together for hours just talking and enjoying the feel of each other's skin

and i could bring her home to meet my conservative-christian-Nazi-parents

and my boyfriend

and my employers

and that's when reality hits.

and i actually die a little bit inside.


mood: goddammit.

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