Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EXs, instant messenger, and vodka.

the ex.

we talk sometimes


usually when he's been drinking.

which he does a LOT of, apparently.

instant messenger.

probably the 2nd bane of my existence.

(next to this stupid dog im taking care of. i am NOT a dog person.)

i love IMing

its fun

and it requires little or no effort.

but i hate how easily things get out of hand...


a wonderful and terrible thing

which my ex likes to drink a lot.

the perfect storm.

all three combined = very no.

we laughed, we cried, (okay probably just he cried)

things got really awkward

he got bitter

and then sweet

and i tried not to encourage him

*"tried" being the operative word here

and ultimately, i learned something.

dont IM drunk ex boyfriends unless you want to spend the entire night peeping through your fingertips completely terrified of what mortifying thing he's gonna say next.


"you have 'stupidly-cute' in spades"

"you're a cunt"

"to be completely honest i want to club you like a baby seal and impregnate you behind the middle school"

"if you were with me you'd be home"

(referencing an Owl City song that i love)

out of context, they're bad enough

in context, i basically had no clue how to react.

which is why messenger is wonderful

cuz all he saw was "lol"

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