Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cute girls, cynicism, and facebook stalking

here's how it works:

I see tons of people every day.

some of them are men, some of them are women.

some people are beautiful,

some people maybe aren't so much.

just like other people, i have a "type".

i don't just get wet every time i see a "hot chick"

(i do check them out though).

i appreciate beautiful things,

which is fine,

but she has to appeal to parts of me NORTH of the border.

mentally, for instance.

i like smart girls. witty, funny ones, who have easy smiles and nice hair.


in real life, i hate it.

its annoying, its a waste of time, its a privacy violation that everyone bends over and takes.


there's a girl.

so now im on facebook every two seconds, updating things, basically trying to appear on her news stream.

which is stupid.

and embarrassing.

and annoying.

but she seriously is the second girl i've ever met who just fits. her sense of humor, her laid-back attitude, her perfectly messy hair, im infatuated.

unfortunately im a cynic, so infatuation is really fucking annoying.

Another thing: I'm no cheater.

Just because I'm dating the wrong gender doesn't mean I'm gonna use that as an excuse to get greedy.

I may be a liar but I'm very devoted to keeping it up.

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