Monday, February 28, 2011

That's right folks; it's a boyfriend post.

I'm actually NOT recommending a restaurant for dinner based solely on the fact that the reviews, good and bad alike, all reference how nice, pretty, and friendly the waitresses are.

Here's why: he has a history of mentioning how hot the waitress is when we go out, and sometimes makes jokes about getting her number.

This pisses me off. In fact, more than just pissing me off it really BOTHERS me. He is constantly going on about how much he needs me and how he can't live without me, but then makes snide little comments about our hot waitresses that make me feel like I'll never be able to live up to his standards physically. I left the guy I was with before (the guy who practically worshipped me as a goddess,) to be with this ass hole, and when he does stuff like that I honestly wonder why.

Wish me luck, we are gonna need it.

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