Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three things that make me want to bomb a high school.

1) Scene kids. They are the new stoners and actually make stoners look intelligent and cool. These kids are as stupid as they are brightly-colored and loud, and the streets are full of them lately. I'm not sure what the idea is behind dressing like a group of carebears threw up on you, but I'd be happy to add to the look.

2) Okay so picking on the scene kids wasn't nice, sorry kiddies. Let's just say, for good measure, I hate all high schoolers. In fact, I don't even consider them real people. They're full of silliness and nonsense and have egos the size of Texas. They don't have real feelings, they only have overblown and destructive versions of the ones fully-developed adults have. Also, they aren't very nice, and they aren't very smart, which brings me nicely around to my third reason:

3) Children are complete idiots. If you have ever been through driver's ed, you know what I mean. Anyone with an iq less than that of a gerbil and a mouth larger than the Mississippi river's by the time they're 16 should be put down. Humanely, or not, it doesn't really matter. These people are society's dead weight, the reason the economy is failing, the poor lame animals that slow down the pack, and I say, let natural selection do her job. She is an artist of much skill and merit and her brush paints a brighter horizon for us all.

In other news, I am feeling hateful today.

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